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Possessing not experienced The great fortune to achieve to yor Lps presence immediately after som-tyme attendance, & beeing now forced to retire for a few days in the Contrie; I have presumed once again in these few rude lines to prezent my most humble suit & services to yor Lp. I realize, through the late boastings of Sr Thomas Smith & his partizans; of their sedulous endevors, by a cloud of untrueths to generate a clean inter- placement amongst the most ioyfull light of his Maties favor, & the darknes wherewith my self & my company relaxation still obscured. An endeavor of Weird malignitie: wch if I've deserved by anie give in the least Mistaken to him or his, I will beare it wth endurance; as being the influence of iust Revenge, while not mesured by Justice. But if (beeing fixed by Gods Grace to Completely wrong no person) I haven't a lot of as offended Sr Thomas Smith or his upholders, conserve only in one kynd, in which i haven't yielded on the abetting or cloking of People coorses in menaging the affairs of Virginia, wch wth derogation of his Maties authoritie, & Opposite to his Royall Instructions (unworthily smothered), have been held from tyme to tyme, to the dishartning of all Adventurors, & perpetuall holding down of your Plantation that it won't prosper; & on one other facet on the enriching of themselfs or som of these, by meanes so unlawfull since the enhazerding on the destruction & utter extirpation in the Colonie: And in that it hath pleased God also so to blesse my late labors, that much more hath been doon in my just one yeare, wth lesse then Eight Thousand lbs, to the improvement of that Colonie in People today & shop of Commodities, then was doon in Sr Thomas Smiths Twelve yeares, wth expence of neer Eightie Thousand lbs; as by vieu of bothe or Accounts (if nevertheless his be an Account,) dooth manifestly appeare: Then my good Lord, I humbly tender to his Maties Princelie Justice, & to yor Lps favorable mediation this equitable accommodate, that his Matie upon this criticism versus me may very well be graciously delighted, to call me to my respond to, in advance of anie indifferent Judges for being deputed by his Matie. And if Sr Thomas Smith or his abettors be capable of make great anie 1 in their materiall accusations towards me; or if his Matie should really remember to also so to appoint, (although it's farr from my dispo- sition for being an Accuser of anie man,) that I be required to make fantastic what I have listed here enformed to yor Lp, & I faile in anie one particular materiall clause thereof: I shall willingly post my self to condign censures for bothe, & from thencefoorth make utter forfeit of all hope of his Maties favor, beeing that wch of all worldlie factors I most earnestly motivation.

English History Manuscripts, c. four, new No., Ms. 29724, folio 3 Doc in Bodleian Library, Oxford College Listing of Data No. fourteen Honoble Sr vp̃to the returne of the last Fleete of Shipps wch brought my Lord La Warr (our Lord Governour & Captaine Generall,) into this Countrie; I did not not forbeare to problem yor noble endurance Wth studying vnworthy & fruitles Traces, & While at this p̢despatched I am little or nothing at all greater furnished wth any make a difference of valew, possibly for discovery of Mynes, or ought els worth your Understanding, but Once i look at yor many and noble favours in direction of me (wch After i forgett to admit, let me for at any time be putt away from yor remembrance) I thought excellent to wright one thing, if but thereby to p̢serve my humble support in yor honovred memory. For the p̢sent state & condic̃on of this Countrie, it would like only Sup- portes, round & no cost materials, both of those of Gentlemen & moneyes, to produce excellent the mayne & p̳fitable endes of the moste delighted plantation. Regarding the Countrie & the soile thereof, wee finde it fertile & jam packed with encrease, bringing forth goodly Corne, lots of kinde of Fruites, naturall Vines & quickly rendring vs our owne Countrie seedes, & Rootes wch wee bury therein, as prosperous & unchangeable for tast and quantitie as England it selfe For these Com̃odities of pitch & tarr Soape ashases, Wooden Iron &c. most real it is Noble Sr, that there they bee most plentifully to bee returned home, if soe bee it the meanes & skilfull workemen together wth fitt p̳visions for people Labourers (vntill the Colour may quitt many of theis Fees, by planting their owne Vines, sowing their owne Corne, & broodinge their owne Cattaile, Kine, Swine, Goates &c. wch would shortly be, & experienced bin ere this, experienced the Governmt bin thoroughly & Truthfully estab- lished & carried below theis three yeres handed) can be provided & despatched in excess of to worke in Those people corporations.

Ferrar PapersDocument in Magdalene College, Cambridge Listing of Data No. 157 Honble knight, Untill the final second of sending absent, I had forgotten to write you a listing of their names both equally Colony Males & other passengers that came inside the Bona nova, wherby it appeareth, there want a few Colony Gentlemen of the amount of an hundred. Nor doth it appear if the passages of all the rest that in the exact same Notice go vnder the identify of Passengers be payd for, or freely given by the Company. Captain Welden saith, the Com- pany gave him passage for twoe, Thomas Smyth and Edward Kerby gen- tlemen, wch the Gouernr will never take of being a warrant adequate to saue him harmeles, wthout certificat from the Company. Wch two, collectively wth Adames that goes vnder the name of Mr Whitakers gentleman, the Gouernr will not lett passe for England; nor yet Mr Hansbies man in pledge of George Eden that by your get is usually to Select Smyths hundred, until these kinds of time as he obtain other purchase from the corporation, or vntill there appear 3 others of their roome Of Vignerons, of the ones that haue ability in breeding silkewormes, and these types of* as know how to cope with and dresse flaxe for that handling of our silke grasse, If the organization is not going to have most of their ships continuously to returne household vacant, there can be excellent numbers sought out and sent.

Each one of these lawes staying Consequently concluded and consented to as aforesaid Captaine Henry Spellman was named to the barre to answere to certaine misdemeanors layde to his chardge by Robert Poole, interpretour, on his oath (whose assessment the Governor sente into England within the Prosperus), of which accusations of Poole some he acknowledged for legitimate, although the greattest portion he denyed.

For the wife of Xr̃opher Nelme for his wages for X̄mas quarter .1619. And for Th'anuncyac̃on midsomer and Mic̃has quarters .1620. by agreement xiijs. iijd

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A sliding glass doorway with a display screen separates the garage from the residing place. To the proper of the slider is actually a flush mounted cabinet that residences the 19” Haier LCD Television set, an automotive style in-dash stereo that controls the inside and exterior speakers, and a small shelf. Under which can be hookups to get a washer & dryer that complete timers will definitely respect.

I had to relocate my breakaway cable. The seller locale triggered it to tug out on sharp turns. It locked me up tight, but my brakes are electrical hydraulic discs. Cummins could still transfer it, although the wheels weren't turning :-)

Except for that, water can can be found in when rain sets in or else you wade in deep river crossings. The cover that you're finding ought to have the capacity to deal with these things at the same time. This is often why the component is designed in a variation of components. Usually used for this accessory are chrome steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber.

The last Com̃odity spoken of in yor Chartr is salt; ye workes whereof wee doe much marvell, yow would've restored to their previous vse; While I will vndertake in someday to produce as much salt by ye heate of ye sunne, soon after ye method vsed in ffrance, Spaine, and Italy, as is usually created inside a yeare by that toylesome and faulty means of boyling sea drinking water into salt in kettles as or persons at Smyths Iland have hitherto accustomed. And therefore when yow entr into this worke, yow need to send out men skillfull in salt pondes, including yow may well effortlessly procure from Rochell, and yf yow may have none there, nonetheless will some be found at Lymington, and in a number of other spots in England. Which certainly in a short tyme may possibly verify a reall worke of greate sustenance to ye Colony at your home, as of gaine abroad, right here beinge these stulls of fantastic good fish, as ought alternatively to become admyred of including have not seene ye exact same, then Credited. Whilst ye business doe give their tennants fifty acres vpon Smyths Iland some you can find that smyle at yt right here, sayinge there is absolutely no ground in all ye complete Iland truly worth ye manuringe. But about against yt on ye maine, more info wch Sr Thomas Dale bought from ye Indyans for ye corporation, there is nearly as good floor as any is in Virginia, and such a location to are now living in by ye reporte of people who have bene there as (savinge ye incomodity of Musquitos, wch ye floor beinge at the time cleared will vanish) ye like is skarce being located againe in ye whole region. And for my partycular, I was in no way so enamoured of anyplace wch I have not seene, nor shalbe satisfyed until I have seene yt. Of creating Salte wth Relieve. Fish in Abound- ance to Admira- tion. Cordage, wch I had allmost iniuryously omytted, yf or Virginia hempe and flaxe, (wch are sayd to get ye most growinge thinges in ye country) doe prosper, will ye greatest in ye world be created below, ye stuffe by reporte beinge thrise as stronge as ors, along with a greate deale a lot more cost-free from rottinge, and wearinge. Flax, hempe Nat- ural in Virginia Great. Whilst yow have despatched two Germans skillfull in mynes, Here's a freind of mine as skillfull as themselves, and my selfe, even though vnskillfull, who doe goal wthin fewe dayes to generate tryall in their talent, in c9taine destinations where by wee hope to finde better Comodity, and of lesse labor then Iron mine, and but will not likely goe about to preiudice ye Iron mine neither.

Brauely Spoken and similar to a trav- iler ffor ye breedinge also and attendance of silke-wormes It might be most important to ship hither men which have in other Countryes bene trayned vp meerely to that profession. ffor there belongeth greate Curiosity to it. + Silke but He's mistaken within the greate Talent he thinkes is aboute them absolutely nothing in the least but a plane detail and by all for being learned yea Young children Of Silke Grass. hempe Tobacco of more paynes and labor then every one of the bet- ter Commoditys really certainly reported by him. Be aware this A weet yeare Spoyles Tobaco but will make all other fantastic Com- modity thrive the greater as well as a lit- till Frost alsoe Spoyles all there Tobaco. Tobacco not a needfull Com- modity ffor ye dressinge hatchellinge, and makinge marchantable silke grasse, flaxe and hempe, hither can be despatched Gentlemen of professed and practised ability---it could be some could be founde in England. Tobacco onely usually takes vp as much labor and treatment, as each one of these (yea yf yow really should adde some a single Com̃odity more) Can utilize or exercising. ffor in sowing plantinge, weedinge, worminge, gatheringe, Curinge, and creating vp, it Consumes 10 monethes at the very least, yf not eleven. Advert quid tot * * * perditio hæc? vel in fumū saltem evanitio? however this benefit wee may possibly * * * cape outside of it. The extreame Care, diligence, and labor expended about yt, doth prepare or folks for many more excellente subiect. All All those other Comodities can prosper in a moist yeare, when tobacco proves starke naught. Moreover they are not at risk of frost, wch in some cases overthrowes ye greatest parte of ye tobacco in ye lande. And however this yeare (wch was a most extraordinary very good yeare both of those for Corne and To- bacco) I thinke there will goe dwelling ten thowsand waighte at the least pretty much as good as ever Arrived outside of ye Indies; nonetheless are wee not to set or relaxation vpon a Com̃- odity just as much importuned as small needed.

In the looking through on the names of your Burgesses, Exception was taken towards Captaine Warde as owning planted right here in Virginia without any authority or comission with the Tresurer, Counsell and Company in Englande. But contemplating he experienced bene at so good chardge and paines to augmente this Colony, and adventured his owne individual while in the motion, and since that time experienced brought property a very good quantity of fishe, to relieve the Colony by waye of trade, and previously mentioned all, since the Comission for authorising the final Assembly admitteth of two Burgesses out of every plantation without restrainte or exception, Upon all of these criteria, the As- sembly was contented to admitt of him and his Lieutenant (as members of their entire body and Burgesses) into their Culture. Furnished, the claimed Captaine Warde with all expedition, that may be to saye in between this as well as the nexte standard assembly (all lawful impediments excepted), should really procure from the Tresurer, Counsell and Business in England a comission lawfully to establish and plant himselfe and his Firm given that the Chieffs of other Plantations have done. And in case he doe neglect this he is always to stande on the censure with the nexte typical assembly. To this Captaine Warde, in the presence of us all, getting presented his consente and carried out to for every- forme a similar was, together with his Lieutenant, by voices of the whole Assembly very first admitted to take the oath of Supremacy, then for making up their range and to sitt amongst them.

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